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“The Heroic Path,” John Sowers

Sowers explores his sense of manhood through sharing his journey from growing up fatherless whilst examining Jesus’ own journey from being the son of Mary to his coming out as the Son of God. Throughout this marvellous book, I thought Sowers was in my head. Many of the scenes, feelings and thoughts he described I […]

“Extreme Prayer,” Greg Pruett

This short book took a different approach to a lot of prayer books I’ve read. It focuses on the “whatever you ask” passages in the Bible that Jesus promises to answer. By providing specific examples from his own ministry Pruett was able to demonstrate how his prayer life developed over the years where increasingly he […]

Q&A with Ted Dekker – Blog Tour for “Hacker” (Outlaw Chronicles)

I was given the opportunity to participate in Worthy Publishing’s First Look blog tour for Ted Dekker’s latest novel: “Hacker”. Hacker is the third installment of the “Outlaw Chronicles” which Dekker describes as follows: “THE OUTLAW CHRONICLES consist of EYES WIDE OPEN, WATER WALKER and HACKER. Although related through one common character, Stephen, they can be read in […]

“Soul Keeping,” John Ortberg

I believe we reflect less on the soul these days, however, as Ortberg outlines, the Bible talks a lot about it. This beautifully written book helps the reader to understand the soul’s significance and how to care for it. It starts with an important and revealing analogy, one I’ve heard a few times, The Keeper […]

“Raptor 6,” Ronie Kendig

This first instalment in “The Quiet Professionals” series has everything we’ve come to love about Kendig’s writing: thrills a plenty, heart-pounding pace, solid character development, great military heroes, some crazy mad bad guys and a love story in a war zone. But in this novel, it’s wonderful to see how Kendig has excelled in upping […]