“Fearless” Release – Mike Dellosso’s new novel

fearlesscoverOne of my favourite authors, Mike Dellosso, releases his new novel, Fearless, in May.

Mike is a fabulous author of supernatural suspense, taking his readers on a wild adventure ride with gripping, very fast, and sometimes frightening, action. He typically explores how evil manifests itself in our hearts in terrible ways and demonstrates the power of God’s love to overcome it.

I’m also a big fan of Mike, the person. He is married with four young kiddies, works a full time job, plus churns out a new novel every six months or so. Besides having a wonderful heart for the Lord, he’s stared colon cancer in the face and defeated it.

Here’s a little snapshot of Fearless:

When a nine-year-old Louisa mysteriously appears in the middle of a house fire with no memory of how she got there or where she came from, Jim and Amy Spencer agree to take her in. Wrestling with the recent loss of their own child, they soon discover Louisa has a special gift. But when the same gift unknowingly puts her in contact with a serial killer, the grieving couple must unite to face all odds and save themselves and Louisa before it’s too late.

Once Fearless releases I’ll hopefully be able to feature Mike on this blog where we can have him answer some questions about the novel, his writing and his life.

The Darlington Society

I’ve been part of Mike’s “The Darlington Society” for a few years now. Mike describes the group as follows:

“The Society is a group of readers committed to coming alongside me in this writing process and offering support wherever it is needed, from story planning to promotion to prayer”

Members of the group regularly interact via a closed Facebook group. Typically closer to the time one of Mike’s releases, he will provide us with some inside scoops as well as access to certain content before the general public.

I’m a big fan of these author “launch” groups and I’d encourage new authors and readers to join and actively participate. Besides learning a lot, you get to “meet” a bunch of new people, including the author.

Mike’s keen to grow “The Darlington Society” and if you’re interested in participating please check out this page on Mike’s website.

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