Favourite Books of 2013

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As you are likely to be aware I do read a lot of books and I thought a good way of wrapping up 2013 was to highlight some of my favourites.

Before I do that I thought I’d share some of my reading stats. (I borrowed this idea from Katie Weiland, one of my favourite writing instructors).

Books Read –  93 (2012 – 75)

Fiction to Non-fiction ratio – 27: 66

Paper to ebook ratio –  48: 45

(this surprised me. Majority of the ebooks fall into the non-fiction category)

Top Categories – Christian self-development (23 books), Christian fiction (20), Devotional (12), Secular non-fiction (12), Writing & Marketing (9), Bible commentary (9).

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Whose plan: ours or God’s?

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Photo courtesy of Dan/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

He planned to divorce her quietly. What a good guy. He’s been told his fiancé, Mary, is pregnant. But he’s not the father. But the law provides him with an out. But rather than publicly humiliating Mary, Joseph decides to break it off quietly.

Based on my various readings, most men, at the time, would have called the engagement off. The only question was how best to do it.

His plan was sound. He felt humiliated and didn’t quite understand the miraculous nature of the situation. I take it Joseph wasn’t fully aware of his lineage or the significant part he was to play in being the second last in the line that began with Abraham (Matthew 1:17)

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Guest post: Christmas in Alaska

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Jen Creek smallI’d love to introduce Jen Cudmore who lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

We bumped into each other on another blog we both frequent. I was delighted in her suggestion to do a blog post swap. (add my post here) As Christmas is just around the corner, I asked Jen to share a little about the season in Alaska.

Without further ado, please give Jen a hearty welcome.

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