“The Hole in our Holiness”, Kevin DeYoung

9781433533341This is the second book I’ve read recently on holiness. The other being John Eldredge’s new one: “The Utter Relief of Holiness”

Both come from the same precepts: why did Jesus come to save us? and why isn’t holiness talked about more in Christian circles? Both are excellent and should both be read. The two authors have their own unique styles that make each book compelling reading.

DeYoung is a pastor so has a very biblically-based message. However, it is also extremely practical and instilled in me a firm desire to seek after God’s presence.

I mentioned the topic of holiness to a good Christian friend the other day who suggested I not be raising it with too many others as people are simply not ready to hear it. This saddened me. Surely, holiness is a key part of the Gospel message? But one aspect that we have perhaps de-emphasised in modern society.

But it was interesting that my friend’s perspective was more about the fact that we don’t talk much about holiness because it makes us feel guilty that we’re not indeed measuring up to God’s desire for us to be like Christ. It humbles us and perhaps frightens us so we steer clear of it. This book in fact, does the opposite, and makes the topic of holiness very approachable and desirable.

There’s some tremendous writing on our sex-charged society and the importance of repentance.

I particularly liked how DeYoung wrapped it up. “… it’s more important where you’re going than where you are. Direction matters more than position.” Yes, we can feel guilty and discouraged due a lack of holiness, however, “holiness is not measured by ‘one great heroic act of mighty martyrdom … it is of small things that a great life is made up.”

It’s the small decisions we make all day every day as we seek to keep our eyes firmly set on Jesus. His desire is for us to be holy and if we can keep focusing on Him, then each decision, act, word spoken or thought can help us move a little closer to Him.

Highly recommended. Only 160 pages but be prepared to be challenged whilst gaining great encouragement.

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