“A Man after God’s Own Heart”, RT Kendall

Photo Credit: RT Kendall Ministries

A fabulous biography of King David.

This is a book of sermons. RT Kendall delivered these sermons to his congregation over an 18 month period in the late 1980s.

Don’t be thinking they are stuffy or dull. Far from it. Kendall delves deeply into the heart and character of the key people in the 2 books, but particularly David. His style is always engaging using easy to understand language and plenty of examples from his own life.

Each of the 64 chapters is relatively short, focusing usually on one particular aspect of the story. It is in no way a verse-by-verse commentary. It reads like a biography.

What we see in David is a man, very human, regularly making mistakes by choosing his own way rather than seeking the Lord’s counsel. But there was this humility and adoration for the Lord that is hard to ignore. His faith is a great model for us.

Kendall inspects David’s life, his decisions, his passion for God and challenges the reader with practical application to recognise the strengths and weaknesses in his walk as a believer.

Containing lots of references to other sources as well as reflections on David’s own writings in the Psalms, we see the complexity, struggle and joy explicit in an obedient life.

Do I have a better understanding of how to achieve an intimate relationship with the Father? I think so. Adoration, obedience, dependence, humility, confession – it’s all there. Kendall demonstrates how each became pivotal in his life.

It also gave me a richer appreciation of the Psalms and I now better understand why many of the “great Christian heroes” (eg Luther) of yesteryear chose to meditate on them in their daily time with the Lord.

If you are looking to study David’s life, I cannot recommend this book enough.

I rated it 5/5.

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