“A Thousand Sleepless Nights”, Michael King

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A beautiful story of forgiveness and reconciliation

This novel was a delightful surprise. Mike demonstrated he can move beyond the suspenseful thriller to crafting a heart-warming contemporary story.

Mike took me on an emotional roller coaster. I could identify with each of the key characters, feeling their pain and heart ache as well as their jubilation and desire to overcome. Jim, as a young man, fighting to save the woman, Nena, he fell in love with on first sight, from marrying the wrong guy. To Nena, as an older woman, who lives with such regret from neglecting her children as they grew up, due to her desire to fulfil a promise she made to her dying father.

The workaholic son, Ken, who cannot see beyond his pursuit of partnership in his law firm, even being prepared to sacrifice his family. To Roberta, the youngest, as she grapples with wanting to be cherished by her boyfriend who cannot meet that need. And Barb, struggling with her own cancer battle, whilst trying to keep a normal family life for her husband and children.

Many of us can relate, whether it’s our own experience or from observing someone else’s. A dysfunctional family. Three grown children, lost in their own worlds, holding onto the thin cord of hope for family by their dad, who refuses to let them go.

I found myself immersed in every scene; cheering at times, others crying out to God to heal the multiple layers of brokenness whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Every scene is short and we move from one character’s viewpoint to another’s seamlessly.

This is a powerful story with a strong message of hope and reconciliation, even through loss and sadness.

I’d rate it a 4.5 out of 5 and wholeheartedly encourage readers to grab a copy.

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