“Beautiful Outlaw”, John Eldredge

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“We need Jesus like we need oxygen. He is the missing essence of your existence.”

This wonderfully written book opened my eyes and heart to Jesus. I sensed a real anointing over this book and hope that many people read it as its quite unique (based on my reading experience) of relating Jesus humanity to His divinity.

We can spend a lot of time “being” a Christian, rather than experiencing Jesus. We can so easily forget that Jesus comes to give us life abundantly through intimacy with Him.

Eldredge captures the heart of Jesus: His fierce intensity for us. Eldredge grabs the heart of Jesus to reveal His humanity so we can follow His example in learning the “humility of utter dependence.” Jesus spent His 33 years in intimate relationship with His Father so that we can do likewise with Him.

There are some particularly wonderful chapters: Humility and Trueness being two.

After presenting a number of elements of Jesus character, Eldredge in the last few chapters then provides a helpful guide to letting His life fill ours. I continue to pray the prayers he suggests.

This is a book that should be read a few times to capture all of its essence and I intend to do that.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and have already bought a number of copies to give to friends and family.

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