Book Review: The Indebted Earl by Erica Vetsch

I haven’t read any Regency for years and had heard a lot about Vetsch’s Serendipity & Secrets series so was keen to try the 3rd in the series for myself. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Charles Wyvern is a thirty-something naval Captain who had been at sea since he was twelve. He was excellent at his job but inexperienced at almost everything else including love. Sophie Haverly is a daughter of a duke, engaged to marry Charles’ best friend, Rich. Unfortunately, in their final battle, Rich receives critical injuries that he never recoveries from. His last dying wish is for Charles to ensure Sophie is well looked after and taken care of.

Charles is a bit stiff as a character. Vetsch does an excellent job of making him the career-navy man who is frankly a little dull. Sophie, meanwhile, is gregarious, courageous and enchanting. One could not think of a more unlikely couple.

Circumstances throw the two together and soon Charles becomes the Earl of Rothwell due to his estranged uncle’s passing. Not only does he come into a fortune, but three gorgeous girls, who his late uncle had acted as guardian for. Penny, Thea and Betsy really steal this story. Each wonderfully crafted by Vetsch, unique in their characteristics and personalities, they bring the best out in both Charles and Sophie.

In this #Metoo world, I cringed at times at the treatment and accepted position of the women in the story but marvelled at Sophie who is a tremendous character, perhaps a little too mature and responsible for a twenty year old but full of personality and spunk. Charles gradually grew on me as the girls in his life helped take him out of his comfort zone and become aware of things in his personality that he wasn’t previously.

The story is well paced with sufficient drama to keep the reader riveted to the page.

I received an early ebook copy from Kregel via NetGalley as a result of participating in Audra Jennings PR book tour with no expectation of a favourable review.

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    ???? says:

    Erica here. It is my delight to welcome author Kimberly Duffy to Seekerville today. Kimberly graciously agreed to guest post for us on one of her busiest days–Release Day! She will pop in as she can, and I hope you’ll throw lots of encouragement and congrats her way on this big occasion! Writing what you Know There are some bits of writing advice that have been repeated so often, and for so long, they’ve become trite. Expected. Eye rolls and indignant huffs and all tha

  2. Erica D. Vetsch
    Erica D. Vetsch says:

    Hi, Ian, thank you so much for your thoughtful review and for hosting The Indebted Earl on your blog for the tour!

    Not certain about the post above, as I didn’t put it there. It’s a quote from a blog post at 🙂

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Hello Erica, so thoughtful of you to pop on over and take the time to write a comment.

      Re: the other comment – I get all sorts of strange comments from time to time; usually from bots, I expect. I’ll delete that one.

      Blessings for a lovely Easter for you and your family.


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