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Mike’s one of my favourite suspense authors. I’ve read most of his catalogue and continue to be impressed with his ability to create spine tingling suspense.

He is truly a master craftsman of the suspense genre.

I was fortunate to receive an advance reading copy (ARC) of “Fearless”, his latest creation. Here’s the cover blurb of the novel:

When a nine-year-old Louisa mysteriously appears in the middle of a house fire with no memory of how she got there or where she came from, Jim and Amy Spencer agree to take her in. Wrestling with the recent loss of their own child, they soon discover Louisa has a special gift. But when the same gift unknowingly puts her in contact with a serial killer, the grieving couple must unite to face all odds and save themselves and Louisa before it’s too late.

And here’s my review:

This is another gripping novel from Mike Dellosso.

Unlike Mike’s other thrillers this one took a little longer to warm up as the key characters are revealed in a deeper way. We meet Jim and Amy, a married couple recovering from personal trauma, Alicia who is being traumatised by her boyfriend Derek, a killer so desperate for respect he kills innocent people and in so doing earns it, and Louisa.

Louisa is very special. A nine-year old with no history appears out of the fire.

But who is she? Is she someone’s daughter? Or is she an angel?

Once we’re sitting comfortably, Mike does what he does so well: he takes us on a thrilling stomach-churning roller coaster ride that doesn’t let up until the end. There is one chapter that is simply breathtaking in its edge-of-your seats terror. I was reading it with my hand in front of my face, racing to read on but anxious about what might occur. That’s masterful storytelling.

Mike’s bad guys are really bad. And this one is no exception. One interesting aspect of this story is 2 other characters at different stages are given a glimpse of the extent of the killer’s capacity for evil. This increases the tension.

The innocence of Louisa and her faith are incredible reminders of Jesus’ rebuke of his disciples regarding children. Mike takes the reader on a journey with each of the key characters as they battle their own demons. Some survive, some don’t.

Another terrific thriller from a gifted craftsman.

Remember to come back next Wednesday when Mike will be featuring on the blog, answering some questions. We’ll also be giving away a copy of “Fearless” and another of Mike’s novels.

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