“Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire”, Jim Cymbala

A call to get back to the basics: “Be Saturated in Prayer!”

There are so many good reviews on the site that I don’t need to go to any great length to add my thoughts on this very powerful book.

I was especially moved by the authors’ humility, acknowledgement of God’s awesomeness and the Holy Spirit’s desire to “to do only what He can do!”

I always find it interesting when God hands me a book to read and this one was perfect for where my heart is at present. I sense an ever increasing need in the church for us to go back to the practices of the early church and cease the life where we tend to run the race we want to lead and hope God will rubber-stamp it. It’s interests me that so many of the conservations I’m having with Christians these days are mostly about our jobs and investment portfolios rather than matters of the heart. What comes out of mouth typically reflects what’s in our heart.

We need to get back to the basics: fervent prayer, reading the Word and waiting on God. He wants to move mountains and will do so if we humble ourselves by getting back to these core basics.

My wake up call – exactly what I needed and I hope I can share it with many others.

Thanks Jim and Dean, I’m sure I’ll be reading it again soon. Having just finished it today, I was soon recommending it to a friend to read.

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