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My pastor shared a wonderful message yesterday on the power of prayer. He particularly emphasized corporate prayer and used the example of Peter’s ‘release’ from prison in Acts 12: 1-19 as evidence.

Please take a few moments to read the passage. You may recall that Peter was the top dog in the Christian world at that time. King Herod realised if he took out the top guy then the church may get discouraged and fade away into the background. But the church had other ideas. They “earnestly prayed to God for him.” (v5)

And God answered.

My pastor mentioned the 5 amazing ways God answered their prayers. I thought this was a great way of both summarizing the passage and providing encouragement for all of us to remain fervent in our prayers.

It awakens people.

In this case, Peter (v7). However, there may be people you’ve been fervently praying for, for example, their salvation, and they can be awakened as a result of God answering those prayers.

Breaks chains (v7b)

We may be bound by stuff, whatever they may be. Prayer can break strongholds over our lives.

Angels are activated

Who did God use to wake Peter and escort him to freedom? An angel. For those of you who’ve read Angelguard will know that it’s one of the novels key themes.

Enemies immobilised

16 soldiers guarded Peter (v4) but they didn’t lay a hand on him as he walked out of the prison. Judging by v18 it would appear they had absolutely no knowledge of his departure.

Doors opened (v10) 

Peter walked out of prison and the gates simply opened. Similarly, I look at the time I had a publishing door opened to me so I was able to send my manuscript direct to the acquisitions editor by way of an introduction. Yes, that was an answer to many prayers.

“Desire is the soul of prayer” (Andrew Murray)

Prayer is powerful. God answers. Hang in there, and take encouragement from Peter’s experience. Engage others to join you in your prayers. Drop me a note in the comments below so I can be praying with you.

When did you last experience an answer to prayer?

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  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    This was AWESOME Ian and so inspiring! I am fasting certain “LOVED” food items for some family members through prayers at this time and sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to eat them again just thinking in human terms of their possible freedom and salvation. Your words here and the Scripture were enlightening and uplifting! Thank you for sharing the message!
    p.s. “Desire is the soul of prayer!” LOVE THAT! Desire and realize have been two words God has impressed on my heart lately.

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Hey Jo, great to hear from you. Desire & Realize, yes! Yes ! Yes!

      Holding up your friends in prayer at this time. Hugs & blessings.

      PS. Thanks for sending this post to Gillian.

  2. Gillian
    Gillian says:

    Joanne sent me here too. I have peeked in here a few times but life is so busy with 3 little boys I don’t get much time to read.

    God is getting ready to do something BIG here and He asked me to fast for 3 weeks to prepare my heart and the hearts of the people around me that He wants to reach through this miracle. The 3 weeks is almost up now, tomorrow is the last day (and it will be for my husband) but of course I welcome anyone else who wants to join in praying 🙂

    Joanne, know what you mean, the power in fasting is undeniable, I am certainly looking forward to creamer in my coffee again, among a few other things, but I want to renenw my conviction to make every Tuesday a proper fast day, one day a week even for a strict fast seems easy now. 🙂

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Welcome Gillian, lovely having you along.

      3 weeks. Wow. Great job. I think your comment and Jo’s are the final nudge for me to do something similar. I haven’t fasted for a little while and have found the day-a-week fast to be very effective. So Tuesday it is, for me too.

      Praying that the Lord would reveal the BIG to you and that He will prepare you & hubby’s hearts for it. Hold on!

      Blessings Gillian.

  3. Dineen Miller
    Dineen Miller says:

    Great points, Ian. Your pastor sounds great. We are on similar thought waves at the moment. LOL! You’ll understand if you read my post Wednesday. Blessings to you, my dear friend!

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Lovely having you drop by, Dineen. Now you got me especially looking forward to Wednesday’s post.

      Your life over the past year (especially) has been a testament to answered prayer. Blessings, Dineen.

  4. Cherie Gagnon
    Cherie Gagnon says:

    Enjoyed this post, Ian. Just recently we experienced an answer to prayer with my little guy recovering from a 2 week illness. We thought we were headed to the hospital again but fortunately he turned the corner just in time! I was beginning to feel discouraged, then other friends joined us in prayer. One lady in particular reminded me that we serve a compassionate God. He has been compassionate indeed, even in the tough times.


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