“Killing Lions,” John Eldredge & Sam Eldredge

killing-lionsIt was very special to be able to ‘participate’ in a conversation between a son and a father as they chatted about the key matters that impact a man’s heart.

Sam, the 25 year old, recently married and wanting some everyday wisdom on how to approach marriage, his vocation, his faith, friendships, and how to cherish his wife provides the context. His dad, John, asks as many questions as he ‘listens’ to Sam and provides his views based on his experience as a 53 year old. Being a trained counsellor and coaching men in life provides John with greater depth as he is able to relate other mens experiences in addition to his own.

If you’ve read John’s other books much of the content will not be new but being a witness to their conversation provides greater clarity and practical insight.

Particular highlights for me were Chapters 8 (A Few Questions about God) and 10 (Racing Toward the Unknown). Reading John share how he came to realise Jesus really is the way, the truth and the life is a very powerful witness. Then in the final chapter he raises a core question for all men: will I remain open to fathering?

The book also includes three of the Eldredge prayers: The Daily Prayer, Prayer of Guidance and Sexual Healing. All very useful to add to one’s prayer arsenal.


I also bought the accompanying journal which enables the reader to explore each chapter on their own terms plus provides practical tips on additional reading, movies to watch, and questions to ask other men. It’s a fabulous resource and I’d encourage everyone to buy it and work through it as you read the book.

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