“Not a Fan”, Kyle Idleman

Been a fan too long, but no longer!

This book is powerful, challenging believers to follow in the footsteps of the disciples – be willing to give everything, and that means, everything, up in order to bear the fruits of a sold-out life to Jesus.

I’ve been a fan of Jesus for most of my life but graciously, God pulled me aside a couple of years and said, that’s not enough! He wanted more; He wanted all of me, not just bits of me

This book gives clear directions on the difference between being a fan and a follower with supporting Scripture, anecdotes and a testimonial at the end of each chapter from someone who has declared themselves a follower and not a fan! I thought these were very helpful as they supported the content of the particular chapter.

This is a challenging read, but one very well worth it and I recommend it highly.

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