“Quiet”, Susan Cain

Quiet by Susan Cain

I’m an introvert so found this book fascinating reading for two key reasons:

1. It helped me better understand why I am the way I am. Further, Susan Cain also provides analysis of extroverts as well to provide a balanced approach. I loved the fact Susan didn’t just rely on her own study of individuals rather used many other studies from various perspectives to support her findings. This included studies of the brain, which I particularly enjoyed.

2. It’s practical so I was able to immediately use some of the findings as I met with people and also in relating to my immediate family.

A reader could easily be put off by the book’s size and in-depth research and analysis. However, Susan uses a very personable style that is both informative and engaging. She writes how I imagine she talks and every sentence is very much worth paying attention to. Each chapter typically contains individual stories, drawing the reader in to better absorb the content and research.

I’m encouraging my friends in business, in particular, to read it. But it’s applicability extends far beyond business. Every teacher should read it, if there isn’t anything similar. The discussion about classroom dynamics and that between parent and child were enlightening and very relevant. I have an extrovert son, so learnt more about what may drive him and I hope, better ways to interact with him.

Highly recommended reading.

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