“The In-Between”, Jeff Goins

The-In-Between-211x300The ordinary moments brim with wonder

I read this book smiling. It is so delightful and comes with a strong message that there is wonder to be found in the moments of waiting.

Too often we are focused on the next, whatever that is: job, baby, year, holiday, or even what we’ll be doing when we get home. There is nothing wrong with that except if we ignore the present. Jeff encourages us to be expectant in the wait, in the pause. In doing so we can realise the unique preciousness that only comes in that particular moment.

Jeff recounts stories from his life where he’s been forced to slow down or wait. Whether it was the train journey home for Christmas, the nine months till his first son was born, or the wonder of time spent with the elderly, Jeff encourages us to cherish the in-between moments. I particularly enjoyed the story of his wedding proposal and the actual day. Both are magical with old-fashioned romance.

Jeff writes beautifully and the power of these stories lies in their ordinariness. We all experience the run of the mill moments of life. But Jeff reminds us that everyday is precious and even when nothing much happens there’s still joy to be found.

Highly recommended.

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