“The Real Win: A Man’s Quest for Authentic Success”, Colt McCoy, Matt Carter


Photo courtesy of Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers

I think most men are borne with a desire to be significant, to be seen to have made an impact wherever we are stationed. As Christian men, this desire is no different and we often find ourselves chasing the world’s roadmaps for achieving impact.

Matt, a Pastor and Colt, an NFL quarterback, are leading successful lives in the world’s eyes. The two men take us through their struggles with the world’s guidelines for success to demonstrate an alternative based on Biblical practices. They specifically focus on four key areas: work, family, a man’s character and his future or legacy.

The book is especially practical not just because it comes with a study guide but also uses examples from both of their lives to demonstrate how they’ve managed to depend on Jesus rather than the world’s principles. They don’t shy away from revealing their own struggles, failures and weaknesses.

There are many good chapters in this book. I especially appreciated the two that cover a man’s character especially in discussing integrity and weaknesses. “Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Heb 4:16b NASB)

They sum it up well: “The real win means trusting the Lord, walking with Jesus, and living your life in the way He defined it.” (p177)

This is an important book as the Christian world grapples with the latent “macho-ism” of manhood. Walking with Jesus is an all day everyday lifestyle that requires discipline that the Spirit so desires to empower us with. Let’s ask Him each day to guide us as we seek to be faithful to all the Father has in store for us.

Highly recommended.

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