Understanding the Power of Prayer


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I hadn’t planned this post but on watching this video I thought it would be useful to share with you.

I’d like to pray more and be better at it. Often I think there are some special answers or tips to being better at it. So I’ll buy a new book (or a few!) to help me.

But my favourite tip is always, just do it. The best way to learn how to pray is to simply, pray.

And often.

There are days where I find it a chore, which is a bit weird, isn’t it? God wants to engage me in conversation and I brush Him off for something or someone else. Crazy, huh?

But let me stop blabbering and hand you over to Mike Bickle, who heads up IHOP, or the International House of Prayer. I’ve read and listened to a number of different things from Mike, together with using some of his prayers in my own life.

In this short 7-minute video Mike outlines his 4 strategies for having an effective prayer life, all of which make such good sense.


If you didn’t capture the 4, here they are:

  1. Use a prayer list or lists,
  2. Schedule time each day for prayer
  3. Establish the right paradigm of God.
  4. Understand the value of prayer.

I particularly appreciated the fourth one. Some things won’t happen if we don’t pray. God likes using His people to achieve His purposes but if we’re not praying about them, well maybe those purposes won’t happen.

One of the key themes in Angelguard is the power of prayer to move heaven. God hears and answers when we pray. Sure, we may not receive the answer we want nor expect, but if we don’t pray then there may be no answer whatsovever.

What are some of the strategies you use in your prayer time?

Note: I use the video courtesy of Charismamag.com

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