“Walking as Jesus Walked”, Dann Spader

Photo Credit: Moody Publishers

This is an excellent resource for practically understanding Jesus desire for us to walk as He did.

The study contains tremendous Biblical references and is backed with great insight and interpretation. Spader understands how people learn and providing an acronym Holy Spirit to guide the study was a masterstroke. I know that I will remember the acronym and be able to use it on a daily basis. FYI, the acronym is:

Holy Spirit dependence
P – rayerful guidance
O – bedient living
W – ord enabled
E – xalted the Father
R – elationally intentional.

This is how Jesus lived and besides being our Saviour He is our example for living a holy life which is the Father’s desire.

If you’re passionate about better understanding how Jesus lived I would encourage you to buy this study and work through the ten units.

There is also a Video series with Spader introducing each unit. This is another great feature.

The best study guide resources I’ve used is Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God and this one isn’t far behind it.

Highly recommended. I gave it 5/5.

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