“Wonderstruck”, Margaret Feinberg

“God extends endless invitations to encounter Him, yet too often we sleep straight through.”

Well that sure grabbed my attention. God’s wonder surrounds us all day everyday. Wonderstruck is a manual for helping us find that wonder. And in Margaret, we have a mighty fine guide who’s passionate about enabling and teaching us in how to experience God more.

With sound Biblical instruction, some delightful stories that take across the globe via the Scottish highlands, Alaska, and the Colorado mountains, we get to see first hand how God’s wonder is all around us.

Whether it’s in nature, developing new friends, diving deep in prayer or observing the Sabbath, Margaret talks us through her own experience of learning to appreciate all God has already blessed us with. And how much more He has to share, if only we’d open our heart and eyes to receive it.

The book also comes with a Thirty-Day “activity guide” for reflecting on the ideas Margaret addresses to help embed the healthy habit of living with our eyes and hearts wide open.

If you’d like to experience God more, then this easy to read book is a great starting place for your journey to begin.

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