About Me

“It’s time!”

I woke with those two words on my lips. I knew what they meant because I knew who spoke them.
It was ten years ago almost to the day.
My life changed in that moment.
I knew then I was being pursued.

Pursued by the one who I first met 20 years earlier. Our relationship over that time had experienced some highs but a lot of lows. At that time, we were going through a long separation. I had chosen that, not deliberately, but allowed my mess to distract me.

But He wanted me back.
Just as He wants all of us back.
I responded tentatively, not sure I was deserving or worthy. I’m not, but that’s the point – we don’t need to be.

Because He is!

We started talking again. Well, I did most of the talking and still do. Listening is something I still struggle with.
I found a community where I could worship. I’ve always loved worship. No matter how I feel, something magical happens when I raise my arms in surrender and praise Him.

That was then.
This is now.

I’m still in that community. I’ve learnt a lot but am still very much a work in progress. As I will be for the rest of my days on this beautiful earth.
I hunger and thirst for more. I feel like I’m now the pursuer. I’m Reaching for Jesus.

Hey, Nice to Meet You

I’m Ian. Husband, dad, strategy guy. I read a lot.

And a lot. And then some more.

Novels, mostly Christian fiction, and spiritual development books as I call them.  For the last few years I’ve enjoyed writing reviews of what I read which you can find here.

Oh, I also read lots of magazines: on business and writing mostly.

Then there’s the web. Yep, you’ve guessed it. For a reader and learner like me the web’s a major distraction. As my family keep reminding me.

I’m a member of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), NSW Writers Centre and the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).


I wrote stories as a kid. Lots of them.

Then stopped.

Frank Peretti’s “Darkness” novels had a great influence on me when I read them 20 or so years ago. A seed was planted.

I loved telling my two boys stories each night. We had a series going: “The Adventures of Ralph and Ross.” We travelled the world, dreamed big, beat the bad guys and met lots of friends and heroes along the way. These stories fertilised the seed.

And ten years ago. Yep, the year that life changed course, I started ploughing the field.

Angel Guard was born.

The first in the series of The Chronicles of the Angelguard is out now and I’m busily working on the second, Wrestling with Shadows.

Stay turned for more details. I’ll also provide a little insight into my writing and publishing journey, really as a form of encouragement for all of us who love to write.

So thanks for stopping by.

I hope you might come back for a chat.

On Jesus, on faith, on our mess, on writing.

Till then.