Palm Sunday Reflections – We are God’s Delight


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Today is Palm Sunday Down Under. The day Jesus rode, on a donkey, into Jerusalem. This marks the first day of Easter week.

I finished reading the Old Testament on Friday. And wow, was it a rewarding experience. Certainly challenging, 1300+ pages in 5 weeks. I didn’t have time for deep reflection on individual passages or verses, but I don’t believe that was the purpose. It gave me an overall sense of the first part of God’s great love story.

My key take-out: God loves us so much. Yes, we are His delight. Too often we can dismiss the Old Testament (OT) as being full of great Sunday school stories but has now been “usurped” by Jesus in the New Testament (NT).

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Angelguard has Landed!


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I returned home on Monday to an unusual package sitting at my front door. I wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered.

I ventured inside noticing the address label indicated the parcel had come from the United Kingdom. Hastily I opened it and to my surprise were copies of Angelguard.

Finally, I can hold this baby that has been so long in arriving. Even though it has been available in the US for a few weeks, it has been a little hard to grasp that the novel has actually been released without seeing it for myself.

It’s also been a delightful experience for my family. They too have only “seen it” virtually and being able to see and hear their reactions of its arrival has been especially wonderful.

This morning I took a copy to my dad, who has been recovering from a stroke. It was a lovely tender moment for the two of us to share.

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Lent Reflections – Repentance & Restoring Joy

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My siblings and I have been helping our parents spring-clean their house. They’re both in their eighties and it never ceases to amaze me how much stuff one can collect over a long life. The house becomes very “full”, especially when you’re not inclined to throw things out, as is the case with my parents.

They have a lot of stuff and I mean a lot.

We’re hopeful they will be able to secure a move to a smaller place in their next two months, in fact we may know as soon as early next week regarding one place mum has her heart set on.

This won’t really be a spring clean, rather a major overhaul with lots and lots of stuff discarded, given to charities and grateful others. Already, a number of trips have been made to the tip as well as one large council pickup.

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Be a Barnabas


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I woke one morning last week thoroughly discouraged. I was struggling to understand how Angelguard was ever going to sell many copies when it appeared to only be carried by three retailers, all online ones.

I was excited having been advised ten days or so ago that stock had finally landed in the US after a month’s delay due to a bungle at the printers. This had been the second delay as the original launch date was November last year. However, my UK publisher were planning a big splash for the launch of their new fiction imprint, Lion Fiction, in March this year and decided to include Angelguard as part of the celebrations.

So to find out that none of the physical retails stores in the US were currently stocking it was disheartening.

Out of the Blue

I popped over to a blog I regularly visit and happened to notice a reply to a comment I had written a few days earlier.


I almost fell off my chair. This virtual friend shared some encouragement that blew my mind. Her words were confirmation of something I had pondered over for a while, but had never shared it with anyone else.

“Thank you, Lord,” I spoke out aloud to no one, bar Beanie our 15-week-old puppy.

He just has a way of doing that, I find. Words from out of nowhere arrive just at the moment you can do with them the most.

I stopped worrying about sluggish book sales.

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My Review of “Iscariot” by Tosca Lee

Iscariot Cover FinalI was lost for words when I finished this beautifully written novel. And I’m still struggling to find the best words to describe the power of this story.

But the incredible thing about this story is it’s part biographical, part fiction and I’m left wondering how much of it was fiction.

Judas Iscariot, the betrayer, the one that Luke described “Satan entered” moments before he committed his betrayal. The gospels never tell us exactly what the discussion between Judas and the Chief Priests amounted to, but Ms Lee, having completed extensive research, provides an insight. And boy, was I shocked. I can’t say any more without revealing too much, so will leave it there.

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The Mystery of the Manna


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I’m often asking the Lord for answers. Whether it’s about what’s going on with Angelguard, prayers for people who are struggling, or simply about the fact I might have woken up feeling unwell. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not asking Him, “so what about this or that.”

Do you do that?

The extent of my questioning God increases significantly when times are tough or uncertain. For example, a job proposal is rejected or my dad’s health relapses. “Why God?” and “is this the end?” are questions I’m sure I’ve asked many times in relation to those two matters.

I’ve been reading through the Old Testament as part of my Lenten experience of completing the entire Bible. This week I finished Job. I think most of us are familiar with his story; Job was “totally devoted to God and hated evil with a passion.” I’d like to be described as such. He was also extremely wealthy and “the most influential man in all the East.”

Wow, a really impressive guy in my estimation.

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“The Hole in our Holiness”, Kevin DeYoung

9781433533341This is the second book I’ve read recently on holiness. The other being John Eldredge’s new one: “The Utter Relief of Holiness”

Both come from the same precepts: why did Jesus come to save us? and why isn’t holiness talked about more in Christian circles? Both are excellent and should both be read. The two authors have their own unique styles that make each book compelling reading.

DeYoung is a pastor so has a very biblically-based message. However, it is also extremely practical and instilled in me a firm desire to seek after God’s presence.

I mentioned the topic of holiness to a good Christian friend the other day who suggested I not be raising it with too many others as people are simply not ready to hear it. This saddened me. Surely, holiness is a key part of the Gospel message? But one aspect that we have perhaps de-emphasised in modern society.

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Lent Reflections – You’re in Charge!


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I planned to share a post on ‘repentance’, which I will do over the next few days; however, I got struck yesterday by the “3 occurrences” nudge that I thought was useful to share.

Have you ever found that a verse or a message appears 3 times in a very short period of time? Do you take any special notice of it?

I do. I believe it’s one of the gentle nudges from the Lord.

Yesterday I was working through my devotionals and two of them referred specifically to The Lord’s Prayer. Interestingly, both emphasised a different perspective.

Now you might say that’s only twice, so it’s just a coincidence. However, prior to that whilst eating breakfast I happened to read Margaret Feinberg’s daily email with the heading: “How can the Lord’s Prayer Transform you forever?”

So I was a goner – 3 strikes. There was something specific that God wanted me to notice from the prayer.

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