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“A.D.30,” Ted Dekker

This is the first novel of Ted Dekker’s that could be classified as Biblical fiction. It is breathtaking in its portrayal of the times, the brutality of humans and in Maviah, the central character, someone all readers can relate to. And then we meet Yeshua, the Hebrew for Jesus. It’s hard to put into words […]

Everyday Grace

I’ve been dithering writing this post. I’ve wanted to write something about repentance, sin and grace for a week or so. As I walk through Lent many of my readings have covered similar matters that have further stimulated my thoughts. Further, we had a visiting Pastor speak at church the other day on the topic: […]

Fight Back with Joy

Many of you will know of Margaret Feinberg, a wonderful Bible teacher and wordsmith. Some of you will also be aware that Margaret has been in a mighty battle with breast cancer over the past 18 months. Margaret has recently released Fight Back with Joy which chronicles her journey and some of what she’s learnt along […]