A few things …

Some of you may have missed three  “media” pieces that I’ve participated in recently, so I thought I’d share them here.

1. Blogtalkradio Interview

This was my first ‘live’ interview. Carla Hoch, my host, was most gracious and I enjoyed the experience immensely. I hope I get a chance to do more in the future.

My spot starts around the 90 minute mark.


2. Four Tips for Preparing for a Radio Interview

Soon after I wrote a piece for the International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW) on what I learnt from the interview. One of my tips is the importance of listening to the interview and learning from it. I cringed listening to most of it but as I say learnt some valuable lessons. Here’s the link.

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To Blog or not to Blog?


Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A week or so I reached a milestone on my blog: I published my 100th post. Woo hoo.

I started writing blog posts 3 years ago, however, only started publishing them on my website in September last year. So in fact I’ve actually written about 250 posts but only 100 have seen the light of day.

My US distributor had encouraged me last year to become an active blogger writing two or three posts a week so I could build a community of readers who might then read Angelguard. But writing and publishing blog posts doesn’t necessarily get you readers. Readers, firstly, have to find your blog.

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