A few things …

Some of you may have missed three  “media” pieces that I’ve participated in recently, so I thought I’d share them here.

1. Blogtalkradio Interview

This was my first ‘live’ interview. Carla Hoch, my host, was most gracious and I enjoyed the experience immensely. I hope I get a chance to do more in the future.

My spot starts around the 90 minute mark.


2. Four Tips for Preparing for a Radio Interview

Soon after I wrote a piece for the International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW) on what I learnt from the interview. One of my tips is the importance of listening to the interview and learning from it. I cringed listening to most of it but as I say learnt some valuable lessons. Here’s the link.

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ACFW Conference – Mike Hyatt Keynotes

Mike Hyatt’s Platform

Mike gave two keynotes. In the first, he shared his professional and writing journeys. The second was focused on his book “Platform” which was released in May and soon became a New York Times bestseller.

                            “Best time to be an author”

Mike gave 5 reasons for this opinion, all of which are based around the overall position that the “power has now shifted to you” (the author). Previously, the power was very much in the publishers’ hands.

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ACFW Conference Recap – part 3

ACFW Conference Program

Once again, the day starts with worship and a devotional from Peter Leavell. Peter had an incredible story of learning to surrender to God through a really tough season.

Peter’s story involved letting go. For all of his 30+ years he had been able to rely on his own intelligence and abilities. Then he was struck down with a strange autoimmune disease that robbed him of his physical strength and some of his cognitive skills. He couldn’t work, couldn’t write. All he was left with was … God.

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ACFW Conference Recap – part 2

Beyond the Borders Clan

Day 2 begins with breakfast in the main auditorium. I sit with fellow non-Americans, the “Beyond the Borders’ Chapter as we are known within ACFW.

This is fun as I get to meet Lucy, a fellow Aussie, Grace, one of two Kiwis and some other lovely ladies from Canada and Bermuda. Cathy, our “chief”, has organised us to sit together.

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ACFW Conference Recap – part 1

Last week I attended my first American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Conference in Dallas, Texas. I soon became aware that it’s probably the biggest Christian fiction writers’ conference, not only in America, but almost automatically as a result, the world.

This is based on 2 stats:

1. Almost 700 fiction writers were in attendance. Yes, fiction writers. There’s no non-fiction at this gig.
2. The number of agents (17) and editors (32) that attend. By all accounts there is no other Christian writing conference (in America) where more professionals turn up looking for new writers as well as offering their vast experience to many.

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