“The Power of Weakness”, Keith Giles

17254288I received this 100 page ebook as part of a giveaway as a result of buying Frank Viola’s new book. Gee, I hope the other gifts I downloaded are as good as this one.

Pastor Giles takes us through the stories of key Biblical figures: Jesus, Solomon, Moses, Samson, David, Gideon to name a few. He demonstrates using Scripture how they only “succeeded” by emptying themselves to fully surrender their lives to God. Samson, for example, was only powerful because the Holy Spirit equipped him with incredible strength.

This book comes at an important time for the church where I believe we may have forgotten this critical aspect of faith. God can only use us when we let Him by depending on Him. All of these Biblical people were weak so they depended on the Father to provide the power.

Well written with strong Biblical references. My only suggestion for improvement would be if we saw some modern day examples of this phenomenon. I get the concept and want to do it, but I’m still not quite sure how to. What do I need to do when I wake up each day to be “weak” and therefore depend on Jesus?

Highly recommended – 4/5

“Alone with God”, John MacArthur

107334lgSometimes we can spend too much time reading about prayer rather than doing it. However, this shortish book (180+ pages) is a great resource for aligning our focus.

Too often our prayer can be too needs-based, ie, it’s all about us. Whilst in taking us through The Lord’s Prayer and then Paul’s priorities in prayer, MacArthur provides a challenge to allow prayer to be more God focused. Most of the book walks through MacArthur’s reflections on the Lord’s Prayer. I’ve been using The Lord’s Prayer a lot recently, so I found this a good reminder of Jesus’ intentions when reciting this prayer.

However, it’s the last two chapters that spoke to me the most. MacArthur moves from Jesus to Paul’s prayer life to outline what Paul prioritised in His prayers. He highlights two key priorities:

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Introducing Erin Healy, her latest release Afloat plus a special giveaway

erinhealybooks_1367526975_600I discovered Erin Healy a few years back when I learnt she edited twelve of Ted Dekker’s novels. Erin has edited many other well-known authors including Frank Peretti. For a crazy moment, I think I contemplated contacting Erin to see if I could engage her editing services on Angelguard. Common sense soon prevailed.

Soon after I discovered this, Ted and Erin collaborated on a couple of novels: Kiss and Burn. The editor became the novelist. During this time, Erin published her first standalone novel: Never Let You Go where she explores the “thin places between heaven and earth.” Since then Erin has produced a further 4 novels, including her latest Afloat which was released earlier this month.

I’ve found Erin loves connecting with readers. We’ve had an ongoing dialogue now with the launch plus Erin has written some beautifully penned blog posts that are both revealing a little of what’s in her heart whilst also relating to the themes of Afloat.

Erin’s exploration of the “thin places” plus her remarkable story telling and word crafting abilities continue to inspire and intrigue me.

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“Talon, Combat Tracking Team”, Ronie Kendig

Talon-cover_FINAL-197x300Having read Trinity, the first in the series, a few months ago, I was eagerly awaiting Talon, the second. It exceeded my expectations. It took me a little while to get into Trinity, but I was hooked on this story from the first pages.

Kendig has created a great character in Dane ‘Cardinal’ Markoski. Cardinal has a troubled past which is intriguing and it simmers below the surface for the entire novel until it crashes into the present in it’s climactic ending. Great, great writing

I hope Kendig builds a series around Cardinal. She has developed a character with wonderful apparent complexity (or is it just male aloofness?) that drives both the action and much of the dialogue.

Aspen, his romantic interest, didn’t really grab me. There was too much reference to flicking curls away but more significantly I didn’t see the underlying strength of character that her colleagues in the book saw.

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Introducing Mike Dellosso, his latest thriller “Fearless” plus a Giveaway

mike3_1This week Mike Dellosso who has just launched his latest novel, Fearless, joins us to share a little about his writing and how he manages to juggle all life’s passions and priorities.

I’ve admired Mike and his writing for a number of years now. When I was looking around for endorsers for Angelguard, I was very fortunate that Mike, amongst his very busy schedule, didn’t hesitate to accept my request.

Enough of that, let’s hand over to Mike as he responds to a bunch of questions I threw his way recently.

Many of my readers don’t know much about you, so perhaps if you could share a little about yourself.

Sure, I’m soon-to-be 41 years old, been married for 16 years, have four daughters (ages 14, 12, 10, and 2). I was born in Baltimore, MD and now live in a small town in Pennsylvania. I started writing in 1998 as a way of dealing with a tragedy that occurred in our family. Writing became my therapy, my way of making sense of what had happened. Also, having been a severe stutterer my entire life, writing became a way for me to share myself, my thought, my words, without stuttering. My first novel was picked up and published in 2008 and I’ve published six novels and one novella since then. Fearless is my most recent.

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“Living a Prayerful Life”, Andrew Murray


Photo courtesy of Bethany House

“Satan endeavours to become the master of the Christian prayer time.”

That statement is written on the third last page of this marvellous book but is a great reminder of where the battle for our souls is played out. The enemy knows we are ineffective against him if we aren’t praying.

Andrew Murray in this relatively short book emphases the power of prayer by exploring Jesus’ commitment to it. His ministry wouldn’t have been as effective if it weren’t for His prayer life. I know I often forget this.

Murray regards prayerlessness as the scourge of the christian community: we just don’t pray enough. This book needs to be read diligently as Murray explores many new ideas. It isn’t a “To Do guide” only featuring the one small chapter on how to spend one’s prayer time but rather by focusing on the Word, the lives of Jesus, Paul and some more modern day Christian heroes like George Mueller and Hudson Taylor, encourages us to greater commitment to prayer.

It got me praying more which is the best recommendation I can make about a book on prayer.

“Fearless”, Mike Dellosso


Photo courtesy of Mike Dellosso

Mike’s one of my favourite suspense authors. I’ve read most of his catalogue and continue to be impressed with his ability to create spine tingling suspense.

He is truly a master craftsman of the suspense genre.

I was fortunate to receive an advance reading copy (ARC) of “Fearless”, his latest creation. Here’s the cover blurb of the novel:

When a nine-year-old Louisa mysteriously appears in the middle of a house fire with no memory of how she got there or where she came from, Jim and Amy Spencer agree to take her in. Wrestling with the recent loss of their own child, they soon discover Louisa has a special gift. But when the same gift unknowingly puts her in contact with a serial killer, the grieving couple must unite to face all odds and save themselves and Louisa before it’s too late.

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Introducing Trinity & Talon, their creator, Ronie Kendig, and a Giveaway.

roniepicI was fortunate to meet Ronie Kendig at the ACFW Conference in Dallas last year. Ronie is great mates with a certain Melbournian friend, Rel Mollet of RelzReviewz. Rel was kind enough to connect the two of us.

Soon after I read my first Ronie Kendig novel: “Trinity: Military War Dog”, the first in the “A Breed Apart” series. Trinity is the name of a sixty-pound Belgian Malinois (she’s on the book cover below) I was amazed that a relationship between a man and his dog would feature so prominently in a novel series. Having become a dog lover late in life, I was curious how Ronie would manage to share the depth of relationship between the two.

Now this is no ordinary man/dog relationship. This is one between a soldier and his Military War Dog (MWD). I’ve since come to learn that MWDs have a vital role to play in combat situations.

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May Giveaway Madness …


Image courtesy of “Stuart Miles”/freedigitalphotos.net

May’s a busy month for new releases from three of my favourite authors: Ronie Kendig’s “Talon”, Mike Dellosso’s “Fearless” and Erin Healy’s “Afloat”. All three authors have kindly accepted my invitation to appear on my wee corner of the e-world. Besides getting to know them a little more and their new novel, we’ll also be giving away their latest and others from their catalogues.

So here’s the plan:

Wednesday 8 May (yes, tomorrow)   Ronie Kendig

Wednesday 15 May                                Mike Dellosso

Wednesday 22 May                                Erin Healy

So lock the dates in your diaries and spread the news.

And to coincide with the Australian release of Angelguard, I’ll be giving away some copies of my wee novel as well.

Pray Like Jesus


Photo courtesy of Ligonier Ministries

Jesus provides a wonderful picture of the power of prayer. His life revolved around it; His ministry would not have been effective if it hadn’t been for His commitment to prayer.

I often forget this about Jesus. It’s only been in recent years studying the Bible that I realised that Jesus was fully human. I had lived thinking He was God, so Jesus could do anything.

Jesus was only able to do what He did and fulfil His mission because of prayer. In living as a human for 33 years, Jesus provided the example for us to live by: be people of prayer.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the aspects of His prayer life. Some of this post I wrote 6 months ago, so some of you may be familiar with what follows. But I thought it useful to re-post it.


Scripture tells us Jesus prayed constantly:

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” (Luke 5:16)

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