My interview with Jack Haines

A few months ago I shared a cup of spearmint tea with Jack Haines, the hero of Angelguard. My interview covered a range of topics including handling grief and loss of loved ones, how his faith has helped him through the struggle, confronting evil, to more mundane matters such as our shared love of all things football (soccer for our American friends).

In February this year Elaine Stock was kind enough to have me over on her very impressive blog: Everyone’s Story. Elaine has a real heart for sharing author’s stories behind the stories especially new authors. She was kind enough to have me over once again where I share a small extract of my interview with Jack.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Jack a little more. There’s also an opportunity to win Angelguard if you leave a comment under the interview on Elaine’s blog.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.