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In my last post I reflected on the significance of loving God with “all of our everything”. My post ended with the challenge of how do we do this, not just because of our busy lives but also our humanness.

Late last year, I was thinking about which person in the Bible I should study next, and then I heard in my mind:

“What about me?”

Oh, hello there, Jesus.

Of course!

Last year I spent a lot of time with Paul. I studied Acts (immediately after Luke as someone suggested it was a good idea as they are both written by Luke) and some of his Epistles.

A Beautiful Outlaw

Prior to Christmas I read John Eldredge’s latest “Beautiful Outlaw” which explores the humanity of Jesus. I hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about Jesus being a man, just like you and I. I guess I had thought He was God so while He was here He was a bit of a superman of sorts.

This is obviously a complete error in my theology; as He needed to let go of His divinity so He could experience our life, then die, so we could be saved.

“Beautiful Outlaw” is a fantastic read and taught me a great deal. I particularly appreciated the point that Jesus didn’t just come to sacrifice Himself for us, but He came as an example to us of how to live. Yes, naturally the way He served but also the way He depended on the Father. We, too, are to live like that, clinging to the Father, sometimes, barely, with bloodied fingernails.

Read my review here. I highly recommend it.

This birthed a hunger in me to know Him more, to better understand Jesus as man and the Son of God.


I came across a great practical book that by its title was exactly what I was looking for: “Walking as Jesus Walked” by Dann Spader.

It was a 10-week Bible study written by a man who is a ministry trainer. If you like a meaty study where you write down answers to study questions then you will love this book. See my review here.

Before I write about a bit more about Jesus’ way, I thought it useful to reflect on the significance of “walking”.

“So all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. And Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” (Genesis 5:23-24)

I read the above verse in Greg Laurie’s daily devotional a few days ago. It struck me how we can over-complicate the connecting with Jesus. Well I know I do.

Enoch walked with God. As Pastor Laurie explained:

“Walking speaks of regular motion. It speaks of consistency. It speaks of effort.”

I know I’m distant from God when I stop meeting with Him every day. When my prayer life amounts to quick requests and/or my bible reading amounts to going through the motions. I’m no longer giving Him my “all”. All I’m giving Him are “bits” of me.

Giving my “all” means walking with Him continually. If you’re an early morning person like me, it’s making sure I spend the beginning of the day with Him. So when an extra hour of sleep is more appealing, still getting up and meeting Jesus cause He’s already there, waiting for you. Everyday, not one or two days, but everyday.

If you’re feeling distant from God, just start. Stop reading this post and say hello. Seriously, He’s not far away. Tell Him how much you’ve missed Him.

Just start. Set off on your “walk”.

Be great to hear some ways others “walk” with the Lord.

Let’s start exploring Jesus way of walking next time.

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