The Pursuit

“It’s time” was all he said. I woke in a DisneyWorld hotel and knew exactly what that meant.


I had wandered for too long trying to ignore the soft knocking in my soul. The life that I could have, should have, want to have. Is it life, or is it relationship – our Creator formed us to be in relationship with Him. I had let that wane, subside, and so the knocking continued.


I still believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. I was conscious of sin and mindful of what I did, said, and thought. But there was little consequence.

But now, here in the Boardwalk Hotel, on a much needed holiday in January with Fiona, my time had come. Jesus, He wanted me to come back, to renew our friendship. I’d been away too long.

Funny, at the time I didn’t spend a long time thinking about it. But it stayed with me, those two little words. Even when we got back home a few days later, I didn’t immediately respond.


But those two words set in train a year that changed my life.


I’ll never forget it.


I gave up my baby that I conceived and had a key part in birthing, Virgin Mobile, I starting talking with Dan and Jake, but most importantly, I returned to Jesus.

Like the prodigal son, I guess, I came home and there He was, standing with open arms, welcoming me back. Jesus. His embrace was incredible, so gracious and soothing. He no longer cared about the past few years, all that mattered was I was home.




What did it feel like when you found your way back to Jesus having left Him? Or even, the first time you experienced His embrace?


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