What’s in a name – Part 3


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This final part is long overdue. I do apologise. Unfortunately, I have been unwell and have been lying low for the past week.

If you are new to this short series on how I derived the names of the lead characters in Angelguard, may I suggest you read the first two parts. The first one features the human characters and the second, the angelic ones. In this post I will share a little about the lead demonic characters.

Military Titles

As I adopted an organised hierarchical structure for the supernatural beings I initially used military titles for some of the lead characters. However, over the lifespan of the manuscript’s development and the attention of Jan, my astute editor, some of those titles went away along with a number of characters being benched for this first act in the series.

The Bosses

Lord Bacchazar who is responsible for the old world of Europe was one of the first characters that appeared. He introduced himself to me within the first few days of drafting. He came with a trusty sidekick: Volkyre, his elderly adviser who gets around with the aid of an ancient walking stick as a result of a battle injury inflicted many centuries ago.

Bacchazar has assumed the title, “Lord”. It is not an official rank within demonic circles, merely, one he took on as a result of being referred to as such over many years by his wise adviser.

Bacchazar and Tagan have a long history of dueling, which reaches a cresendo in the final conflict within Angelguard.

Agramon, demon in chief for the new world of the Americas and Asia started out as The Commander. He was pitted against a super angel with the equally nondescript name of The Captain. The latter was benched and the former became the demon of fear, that being a definition from demonology folklore for Agramon.

These two demonic leaders reported through to General Thrasos who is a member of the Fallen Angel’s inner sanctum.


Even though I don’t play them, I pay close attention to new video game releases. The big ones are heavily advertised and often feature on billboards and sides of buses. Many of them include very ugly and vicious looking bad dudes. It was one such advertisement where I got the visual inspiration for the Viking warlord: Drakkin.

On doing some research on the Viking invasions of England, his name for some reason or another happened to appear. I’m continually amazed how characters often introduce themselves in my imagination.

Drakkin is a very ambitious demon with a long successful career to date. He is definitely one to watch out for in future installments of the Chronicles of the Angelguard.

For those of you who’ve read Angelguard which character would you like to see more of in future installments?

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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Not sure Ian, but Drakkin sounds like he could do with more exposure, but you have already mentioned him. I do remember disliking immensely, Lord Bacchazar

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Thanks Pete. I’m pleased you didn’t like Bacchazar. Drakkin will be prominent in the future. Might even give him his own little story at some time.


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