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ACFW Conference Recap – part 1

Last week I attended my first American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Conference in Dallas, Texas. I soon became aware that it’s probably the biggest Christian fiction writers’ conference, not only in America, but almost automatically as a result, the world. This is based on 2 stats: 1. Almost 700 fiction writers were in attendance. Yes, […]

A Lucky Dip

Strange title for a post on something so important as reading the Bible, but it reflects how I started out when I committed to read the Word each day. I subscribe to a number of daily devotional newsletters but one I’ve subscribed to for years: John Eldredge’s Daily Reading (subscribe here, need to put in […]

His Presence or His Presents

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I read a number of devotionals plus blog posts each day and I especially take note of a common theme that appears across multiple readings. I love it when this occurs. The Lord has a particular lesson He wants me to learn and more often than not […]

A Kid’s eye view of the world

Take a moment to think about how you felt when you were last on a great adventure or holiday. When you saw something incredible for the first time. Maybe it was the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower or your first time at Disneyland. Or perhaps you can remember a time as a kid or when […]

The Pursuit – Part 2

I titled the page in my journal “A New Dawn”. Underneath the title were my goals for the next year, a practice that I follow most years. It was 1 January 2009, over 3 years ago. The first goal read: “of transformation, being renewed in my mind”, a few lines down it read, “of spending […]

The Power of the Spirit

I’ve been studying a lot about Jesus these past few months. I was thinking about which person in the Bible I should study next, and then I heard in my mind:   “What about me?” Oh, hello there Jesus.   Of course!   Last year I spent a lot of time with Paul. I studied […]

The Pursuit

“It’s time” was all he said. I woke in a DisneyWorld hotel and knew exactly what that meant.   I had wandered for too long trying to ignore the soft knocking in my soul. The life that I could have, should have, want to have. Is it life, or is it relationship – our Creator […]


Don’t get me wrong, there were some real enjoyable moments, doing what you’re good at is fun and comforting, and working with some great people. But the ache of the deep wouldn’t leave me.

The Void

He feels trapped, he wants to grab a hold of this “other him”, the life he so wants to have, but he’s unable to take the place of the “other him”, the happy one. He wakes up from his dream, feeling frustrated, anxious almost…