Reflections on Silence


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Recently I’ve read a few devotional pieces on Psalm 23. If you haven’t read it recently, I’d encourage you to. Give yourself some time to simply sit and meditate on each of the verses. It’s a Psalm that brings such comfort.

Often when I praying I picture myself sitting with Jesus in a lush meadow. It’s peaceful and safe. I find I don’t want to leave it; I’m alone with my Lord and my shepherd. The world can wait a little while longer.

Soul Restoration

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“The Way of the Heart”, Henri Nouwen

coverSolitude, silence and prayer.

I purchased this book having spent a number of months seeking to do more of all 3. For too long I’ve thought communing with God was a reflection of how many experiences I have of Him, whatever form they may take. However, I no longer seek the experiences OF Him rather to experience Him.

Nouwen’s reflections of the “Desert Fathers” ( who lived in the Egyptian desert during the 4th and 5th centuries) lifestyle are a wonderful summary of how we can experience more of Him.

At times it was a challenging read as I couldn’t immediately grasp some of the concepts presented, however, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to soak in new ideas so they can in-fill us over time. However, these few words are a great summary of the essence of the book:
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Let go …


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I’ve started most days this year sitting for ten minutes in silence, as part of my new desire to better experience God. If you missed the background for this, please check out this post on “A Word for the Year.”

It has surprised me how difficult it is, not so much being silent, but stopping my thought life. Try it for yourself after you’ve read this post, and see how random thoughts come at you constantly. For those of you experienced in meditation, I expect it’s not as difficult. But I don’t want to clear my mind. Well, only of my thoughts. I want to fill it with God’s thoughts.

“Be still, and know that I am God!” (Ps 46:10 NLT)

The Hebrew word translated “Be still” literally means “Let go of your grip.” Let go of all that preoccupies your mind so you can open yourself up to a whole new kind of knowing.1 A knowing that can only come from God.

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A Word for the Year

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A few weeks ago, Cherie, a Canadian friend of mine, happened to mention in a chat we were having on Facebook that she had identified her word for the next year.

A word for the year?

I vaguely recall other people had mentioned it. I stumbled across a post from one of my favourite bloggers, Ann Voskamp, who adheres to the practice.

I quizzed Cherie a little on its purpose for her, and her response got me thinking. She described it as a marker for defining the year or an attribute one may seek to develop.

I like the idea. I see it as a one-word goal almost. I’m not sure it would necessarily define my year, that is, I’d still set other goals. But I would hope it would have a gentle presence throughout my days.

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