New Year, New Beginnings


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I love the anticipation of what a new year may bring. There’s something about the change in year heralding something new, fresh and vibrant in one’s life. As I only read last night in RELEVANT magazine, the new year offers a “psychological reset button.”

I make a point of taking some time out to reflect on the year past and what is ahead. I typically will set some goals across all aspects of my life. My wife and I will do likewise to ensure we understand hopes and dreams plus identify specific targets for such things as home improvements, holidays, leisure activities and such like.

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“Deeper Places,” Matthew Jacoby

dp.inddThe Psalms reflect the authors relationship with God. Accordingly, they are a tremendous example in demonstrating how we can communicate with Him.

Matthew Jacoby has a deep understanding of the Psalms as he has spent a great deal of the past 15 years immersed in them. He is a founding member of the Psalms-worship band Sons of Korah and accordingly has been singing them for many years.

This is one of those books that you need to take time over and mediate on both Scripture and Jacoby’s words of explanation. The book is structured around explaining the various types of psalm (eg, lamentation, praise, etc) and outlining how we can use the words to better aid our own communication with the Lord.

As one of the endorsers states: “Deeper Places is about knowing God, not knowing about God.” I want to know God more intimately and this wonderful book has opened my eyes to better understand how I can do that.

If your desire is to know God, then I’d encourage you to get your hands on this marvellous book.

Enjoying God


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I’ve been in a bit of a funk recently. Illness combined with a series of disappointments has served to create a flatness and lack of motivation.

This funk also stretched into my times with the Lord. I’d been grabbing snippets of time with Him and reading the Word had become a little monotonous.

The Psalms

“Read the Psalms” was a response I heard to a question I asked a few weeks ago. So that’s what I did.

I also found a book on my shelf titled, “Deeper Places: Experiencing God in the Psalms” penned by an Aussie pastor, Matthew Jacoby, who also happens to play in a worship band called “Sons of Korah” who I’d known of for years but hadn’t listened to much of their music. Their music is entirely focused on sharing the message of the Psalms.

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Reflections on Silence


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Recently I’ve read a few devotional pieces on Psalm 23. If you haven’t read it recently, I’d encourage you to. Give yourself some time to simply sit and meditate on each of the verses. It’s a Psalm that brings such comfort.

Often when I praying I picture myself sitting with Jesus in a lush meadow. It’s peaceful and safe. I find I don’t want to leave it; I’m alone with my Lord and my shepherd. The world can wait a little while longer.

Soul Restoration

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