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Recently I’ve read a few devotional pieces on Psalm 23. If you haven’t read it recently, I’d encourage you to. Give yourself some time to simply sit and meditate on each of the verses. It’s a Psalm that brings such comfort.

Often when I praying I picture myself sitting with Jesus in a lush meadow. It’s peaceful and safe. I find I don’t want to leave it; I’m alone with my Lord and my shepherd. The world can wait a little while longer.

Soul Restoration

Jesus is in in the business of restoring souls. Verse 2 of the Psalm gives us insight in how He does this:

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside the still waters.” (NKJV)

This conveys such glorious imagery, not just of peace and safety, but also replenishment. James MacDonald says:

“Green pastures represent for us the bread of life that is God’s Word and God’s Son (see Luke 4:4; John 6:35). He provides all the nourishment we need, and we need it continually.”

Still waters. Picture yourself sitting on lush lawn, a gentle brook running beside you. It’s quite romantic.

Sheep apparently don’t like rushing water, it frightens them. We, too, can be troubled when life is throwing all sorts of things at us. But Jesus wants to take us to where the water is still. It is there He can minister to us.

When life is out of control and we’re always focusing on the “stuff” rather than Jesus, it’s difficult for us to be still and to hear His voice.

You may recall my Word for 2013 is Silence. You can read my post on it here. We welcomed, Beanie, our x-kelpie pup, in February and this served to interrupt my morning routine somewhat. Walking, feeding and such. However, I love our early morning walks even now with the chilly starts. I make a point to leave the house just as the sun is rising. I make a point to thank the Lord for the sunrise, some of which can be simply breathtaking.

The beauty of David’s words is that Jesus wants to lead us to the still waters all day every day. To quote James MacDonald again:

“Notice the word beside. This isn’t some down-to-the-river-and-out-again experience. Beside the still waters is where you can live your life. It isn’t a monthly or a weekly thing; it’s a daily, continuous replenishing. You’re walking with Christ beside still waters, drinking in His presence. You’re alone with Him, not thinking about the time. It’s quiet . . . and He’s restoring you.”

Some days are better than others. Some I get to sit beside Him, others it’s a real struggle. But most days I keep turning up, even if for a little while.

How about you?

How do you spend time beside the still waters?

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  1. Elaine Stock
    Elaine Stock says:

    Ian, heartfelt thanks for this “medicine.” Perfect timing too. It’s amazing how fast we tend to brush aside that Jesus is beside us when things are going well and then we have to remember He’s with us all of the time. It’s like looking for a pencil and you can’t find it because it’s right in front of you.

    I like your visual of a meadow when you pray. A few years ago my husband & I attended a church with the loveliest stained glass windows. One has had a great impact on me: it’s of a flowing river surrounded with lush brush, flowers, and trees. I like to think of it as a daily walk in Heaven… with Jesus beside me.

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      That’s a gorgeous image Elaine… a daily walk with Jesus. Yes, it’s amazing to know that we can experience that each & every day. Thanks so much for popping by.

  2. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    My morning starts much the same as your’s Ian only minus a canine companion….as of yet. I walk with my mp3 with my fav Pastor these days who God is using strongly to speak with me. Once my lesson is finished I walk and pray and just absorb all his creation around me and reflect on all that He has done in my life so far with gratitude and praise. There is something about the stillness in the wee hours of the morning before the world begins to wake up. I just “feel” Him closer.
    p.s. He reminded me of Psalm 23 MANY times these past 3 months…and here yet again! Thanks Ian!


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